birth, breast feeding, breastfeeding, childbirth, doula, homebirth, lactation consultant, natural childbirth, pregnancy, pregnantLittle Z came earth side surrounded by some extremely high doses of love and a well coordinated birth team including her midwife, doula, partner, and nurse. Her parents were a phenomenal team throughout pregnancy, labor, and childbirth.  They understood the importance of participating in prenatal classes to prepare for childbirth and learn more about how to breastfeed successfully. They asked questions about pregnancy symptoms, prenatal appointments, and natural labor progression. Momma beamed with pride as she showed us her little girls’ sleeping space and handmade onsies. During labor, I loved watching her parents hold one another as momma breathed quietly and calmly through surges in a dark room filled with only the light of Z’s nightlight turtle and the scent of orange and lavender. Z’s mom worked so hard in birth.  She listened to soothing Marley and relaxed in the tub with Dad nearby, holding her hand the entire time.  They immediately melted with love as soon as Z arrived. I was honored to be a part of little Z’s very first moment nursing at her momma’s breast following a remarkable and genuine breast crawl.

This family built a strong birth team that provided continuous and patient support throughout pregnancy and during their childbirth. I was privileged to support momma along side another wonderful doula teacher during this birth. During this birth I learned about birth planning, essential oils, labor progression, and comfort measures. I was honored to be a part of such a strong birth team with an intoxicating amount of love for one beautiful little girl.

Lisa GroonAbout the Author ::

Lisa Groon is a certified birth doula and lactation counselor and feels passionately about the concept of building a community to support families during the incredibly challenging and rewarding journey of parenting. Lisa loves to laugh and you’ll inevitably be greeted with a big hug and a little sass. She enjoys staying busy and spends much of her time chasing her two adorable little boys with her exhausted husband Jason.