That’s exactly what I heard when I slipped quietly into their birthplace during the very early morning hours. I placed my bag near the couch and grabbed my camera. Straining my ears and barely moving, I stood like a statue in the entryway. I wanted to give them the opportunity to bring me into their sacred birthing space when they were ready. I was welcomed with a warm smile by their doula. She had been in close contact with the mother during some challenging final weeks as they prepared for her sacred homebirth. This night felt like a resolution. We were all gently reminded that babies come.

water birth husband and wifeBabies come when they’re darned good and ready.

As I quietly made my way downstairs I saw that Mom was comfortably positioned in her birthing pool with her husband sitting near, both of them slowly breathing in the calming scents of lavender and sandalwood. The lights were dim and Florence crooned in the background as if serenading this gentle water birth. This mother silently glided side to side in the warm water as she experienced surges. She hummed and chewed gum to keep her mind focused. As time passed, she labored in the shower, she walked the stairs, and leaned on the birth ball. Her determination was palpable as she asked how best to continue progressing.

Just as the sun began to rise up, she and her husband joined together in the pool to bring their little boy into the world together. With the support of the womenhusband and wife with newborn in homebirth waterbirthbirth homebirth surrounding her and her best friend with his arms around her, she birthed a beautiful little boy peacefully into the water. We all cried and hugged, as doula’s do, while the family spent some quiet time connecting with their new little one. Her new little life latched to her breast almost immediately and stayed close to her for the next few hours as her birth team cared for her gently and calmly in her home.

I was most captivated by the support of the other members of her birth team as they protected her homebirth space and completely trusted this mother to birth her son at his pace. It was such an honor to support this family during such an incredible transition. I am always awestruck by the strength of women as they come together with a common purpose to support a woman in birth. Woman are innately skilled to birth and woman are innately skilled to care for other women in birth. It is an amazing thing to experience and I’m grateful for all of the strong women who have shared their knowledge and space with me.

Lisa GroonAbout the Author ::

Lisa Groon is a certified birth doula and lactation counselor and feels passionately about the concept of building a community to support families during the incredibly challenging and rewarding journey of parenting. Lisa loves to laugh and you’ll inevitably be greeted with a big hug and a little sass. She enjoys staying busy and spends much of her time chasing her two adorable little boys with her exhausted husband Jason.