faith in birthFor weeks, I was privileged to watch a beautiful little momma faithfully prepare for the birth of her son. She did research, and built her birth team to include a midwife and doula, and made lists and cleaned and baked, as many expecting mothers do instinctively. She was patient. SO patient. In fact, she was so patient I kind of wanted to hang out with her more so it would rub off. She had faith in birth. Her husband was just as patient and was eager to learn all the things she had learned in her research. He also earned some serious husband points when he serenaded her with harp during early labor [insert swoon].

When they were given some discouraging news about their baby’s potential arrival date, they asked questions. They asked questions and made very educated decisions. They used the BRAIN acronym to evaluate their options: benefits, risks, alternatives, intuition, do nothing or delay. Their ability to thoughtfully evaluate their options carried them faithfully through to the birth of their little man with the birth experience that was just right for them.

This little man has a momma who worked hard for him. SO hard. She walked and moved and changed positions. Through sweat and tears, she advocated for what she intuitively knew was right for her and her baby. She continued to ask her midwife questions and was actively involved in her care every step of the way. After she and her little man had some much-needed rest, she birthed her son with the type of intense focus and calm that only a birthing mother can give. Little man stayed warm on his mother’s chest as she and Dad watched lovingly and patiently as he made his way to her breast in his own time.
I was honored to watch this couple grow their family and faith as they remained steadfast in their plans for an intentional birth experience.

Lisa GroonAbout the Author ::

Lisa Groon is a certified birth doula and lactation counselor and feels passionately about the concept of building a community to support families during the incredibly challenging and rewarding journey of parenting. Lisa loves to laugh and you’ll inevitably be greeted with a big hug and a little sass. She enjoys staying busy and spends much of her time chasing her two adorable little boys with her exhausted husband Jason.