birth, breast feeding, breastfeeding, childbirth, doula, homebirth, lactation consultant, natural childbirth, pregnancy, pregnantLittle man J is a gymnast.  Or a trapeze artist.  He kept his momma on her toes (and upside down and contorted) in the weeks leading to his arrival.  He did all kinds of fancy spins and flips and twists during her pregnancy, but none of them consistently in the position he needed to be headed.  His determined momma did every trick in the book to get that little dude to go toward the light, but he just wasn’t having it until some good old ancient remedies gave him just the path he needed to travel down south.  I was so excited to support her during this birth because she is my friend and because I was given the opportunity to work along side another birth doula teacher, Carrie Caskey who is a wealth of knowledge and who lovingly opened her arms and heart to me during this birth.   We spent the next 36 hours or so loving on that family with hugs and Coca-Cola and foot rubs and pig tails.  I found myself crying at times when momma overcame hurdles she didn’t think she could and again when I watched her calmly  breathe through contractions and then, when she birthed her beautiful little gymnast and nursed him immediately at the breast. A doula was also born in that moment and I am eternally grateful for the opportunity to witness the strength of that momma and the unending support of her partner.

Lisa GroonAbout the Author ::

Lisa Groon is a certified birth doula and lactation counselor and feels passionately about the concept of building a community to support families during the incredibly challenging and rewarding journey of parenting. Lisa loves to laugh and you’ll inevitably be greeted with a big hug and a little sass. She enjoys staying busy and spends much of her time chasing her two adorable little boys with her exhausted husband Jason.